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Choregrapher: Sofia Nappi (IT)

Dancers: DART Dance Company members

Costum designer: Kriszta Csaba

Light designer: Christian Scharrer

Premiere: Postponed

Venue: UFER Studios - Berlin, Sadler’s Wells Theatre - London, Bethlen Square Theater - Budapest

“Yū-Shi”, from the combination of the two Japanese words “Yūgen” - an awareness of the Universe that triggers emotional responses - and “Shibui”- anything that appears to be simple overall but they include subtle details that balance simplicity with complexity. “Yu-Shi” explores a sensitive approach towards the reality we live in: the natural balance of simplicity and complexity of anything in this world ensures that one does not tire of it and constantly find new meanings and enriched beauty. “Yū-Shi” proposes a new awareness and perception to this reality, this experience, where Nature is seen as a dynamic whole that is to be admired and appreciated.

Sponsors: EMMI, NKA, HETI TV

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