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Choregrapher: Gaëlle Krieger & Camilla Neri

Dancers: DART Dance Company Members

Light designer: Christian Scharrer

Premiere: 10th March 2022 

Venue: UFER Studios - Berlin

Sometimes we try our hardest, but things don’t work out the way we want them to.

We don’t have sympathy for ourselves. When we look at ourselves we are like we could always work harder. Whereas when we look at somebody else we are like well that’s a human being and you know, they are only capable of so much before they’re gonna burnout right.

It doesn’t get easier, it’s not just gonna drop out of the sky, growth is painful.

« Accept situations for what they are. The lesson you struggle with will repeat itself until you learn from it. »

We are living with ourselves and trying to deal with our reflection everyday.

A bright world with shadows hunting us, pushing our limits with our fears. A dark world where the magic of life can happen, sparkles that may change us. 


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