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Choregrapher: Blenard Azizaj (DE)

Dancers: DART Dance Company Members

Costum designer: Kriszta Csaba

Light designer: Christian Scharrer

Premiere: 25th April 2021 - online premiere

“ UKIYO “ in Japanese, means  “floating world”. For Japanese Buddhists it means  “ world full of sorrow”: it is is an all-encompassing word for the endless cycle of rebirth, life, suffering, death, and rebirth from which Buddhists seek to escape.

“UKIYO” is an ensemble involving the bodies of 8 dancers, who perform a highly demanding series of movements, sharing the same physicality, feelings and sorrows.A piece filled with energy; it is catatonic, intense and brutal, but, at the same time, emotional. It is where human bodies interact with each other and space, to a breaking point. It is an elevated, landscape of scattered fragments with the yearning for oneness. It is set in a place where struggle, in all its forms, sets off: the space within. It is the place where we strive to accept who we are and what not; where we attempt to seek out, through fading memories, the pathways we could not or did not dare to walk: the place where memories haunt us.


Sponsors: EMMI, NKA, HETI TV

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