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Choregrapher: Peter Chu

Dancers: DART Dance Company Members

Light designer: Christian Scharrer

Premiere: 17th & 18th of February 2023

Venue: Pfefferberg Theater - Berlin

Next Performances:

23 & 24.03.23 Sadler’s, Wells Theatre - London

Imagining a moving body against the resistance of water enhances our physical awareness and reminds us to trust, feel, and listen to our natural rhythms. Water connects, bridges, and cleanses humans, continents, and even our internal structure. Liquid-like energy in the body guides the interior and helps us trust the body's innate wisdom, its intelligence. Learning to stay calm with a clear intention allows us to discover a more fluid and tranquil approach to movement—essentially, we are in a groove state of mind.


To more deeply understand the rapid yet mercurial actions the work demands and actualize the movement qualities prominent in my work, I guide a chuthis. ideas class, which fuses my research and discoveries that have been acquired over the years focusing on controlled breathing, the composition of body and space, mind/body familiarity, and Qi Gong and Taiji fundamentals. Being introduced to these ideas will further the dancer's gentle, tranquil approach to movement and strengthen the dancers' emotional control and the ability to be out of control when required to do so.

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