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Choregrapher: Peter Chu

Dancers: DART Dance Company Members

Light designer: Christian Scharrer

Premiere: 17th & 18th of February 2023

Venue: Pfefferberg Theater - Berlin

In a transient life, the only constant is the recurring event of arriving and departing. Although these movements seem linear in structure, I’m interested in what lives in the maligned moments during these actions. The traces we carry from place to place inspire the opposition we use in the creative process. The circularity of vitality, energy, and substance and how they co-exist within the movement was vital in developing the source material for this work. These three treasures assisted us with how moving bodies from mixed cultures communicate through breath, sensation, and touch. 


Text when you land examines the emotional traces we carry from place to place. It is a reminder to breathe and release the unnecessary layers accumulated in the body and mind. Is there a point at which moving bodies find stillness, or perhaps they never arrive? I find wonderment in the desire to surrender to this mystery!

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