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Make a wish

Choregrapher: Anton Lachky (SK)

Dancers: DART Dance Company members

Light designer: Christian Scharrer

Premiere: 8th April 2022

Venue: Sadler’s Wells Theater - London

In his newest piece Make a Wish, Brussels based choreographer Anton Lachky guides us on a wondrous path into the world of Surrealism.
Via the movement of the dancers he draws a motive and a landscape encompassing a surreal image which delves us into the inner depths of our own sensations while altering our entire understanding of what our surrounding reality is or might be and how we can interact with it.
By creating a new means by which we measure our own surrounding reality his audience will twist and turn moving through the piece while morphing into a new world; enjoying a unique show that is both enticing and entertaining for the viewer.

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