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Choregrapher: Thomas Kiss

Director: Hanna Winter

Dancers: DART Dance Company members

Costum designer: Kriszta Csaba

Light designer: Christian Scharrer

Premiere: Postponed

Venue: UFER Studios, Bethlen Square Theater, Budapest

Sometimes the universe moves in us, and sometimes we move in the universe. 

We search to build relationships into our world. What is their significance? How do we feel energy, and how do we become attached to another person?

Our life is a cycle, made up of parts, memories, that lead to who we are and who we will become. Life is a cycle, made of sunrises, sunsets, everyday actions, daily tasks, routine, and day by day it disappears and we are left with only our self. We plan, we are interrupted, we adjust, we plan again, life happens, and we need to decide how to progress.


Sponsors: EMMI, NKA, HETI TV

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