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Choreography: Kinga Vargova

Dancers: DART Dance Company members

Costume designer: Ágnes Mittelholc

Make up artist: Szilvia Ipacs

Premiere: 29.11.2019

Venue: Teatru Salesjan, Malta

We are in the far far away Whoville where the happy Who’s live. Not far from Whoville lives the Grincs who was once, a long time ago, himself also a Who. However the Grincs left Whoville and now resides with his dog Max in a dark corner of the Mount Crumpit.

While preparing for Christmas Cindy Lou-Who ends up persuading the Grincs to once again join the rest of the Who’s in their festivities. Unfortunately a prank by the Mayor goes awry and ends up hurting the Grincs who is once again forced to flee Whoville. The Grincs then decides that as a revenge he will destroy Christmas for the rest of the Who’s.

He dresses up as Santa Claus and sets off to steal all the Christmas presents of the other Who’s. After a few adventures the Grincs finally succeeds in stealing all the presents. But since the Who’s know that at Christmas time presents are the not the most important thing, but rather that love and family is, they continue with their celebrations as if nothing had happened.

The Grincs finally ends up regretting his actions and asks the Who’s for their forgiveness and to this day they continue to celebrate all their Christmasses happily together.

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