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Choreographer: Kinga Vargova

Dancers: DART Dance Company members

Costume designer: Napsugar von Bittera

Visual Director: Zsolt Krajcsik

Cameraman: András Gábor

Visual Team: Kolibri Visual

Dramaturge: Hajnal Lisztóczky

Make up: IpacSzilvi

Special thanks: Danube - Ipoly National Park, Szemlő - hegyi cave; Noémi Marosvölgyi

Light designer: Christian Scharrer

Premiere: 26.02.2019

Venue: National Dance Theater - Budapest

Plato’s cave allegory gave us the impetus for our performance and his description of that world is currently something which we feel is quite relevant today. When the barrier between the virtual and the actual world around us dissolves and appearances become real….. what can save us from hovering? 

To be an Alpha in life, as a person and generation. 

An Alpha is such a rare “pearl”, its ancient strength, renewable spirit takes the lives of those around it forward.

Being born into the digital age opens new doors and worlds for us, our consciousness generates different realities our bodies experience different dimensions. 

Our relationship with technology, our connection to it, is becoming ever tighter, to the point where it is an inseparable integral part of our lives; like a physicality without compromise, like a shadow, but this is only the beginning. 

Where is this path leading us, what role will reality have in our lives?

Where are we right now: in the free play between imagination/technology, or in the “here and now” body/soul lifelessness? 

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